Maximuscle Thermobol Review

Maximuscle Thermobol

'Maximuscle Thermobol' is Maximuscle's contribution to the fat burner market. As per usual, it's presented in a very flashy looking bottle and with a label containing a plethora of statistics and overly complex science speak. I'll do what I can to break it down for anyone who has better things to do than read up on obscure chemical names. Ready? Ok let's get started then.

Thermobol contains a particularly high concentration of caffeine and tea polyphenols, along with an ingredient called "Synephrine" that reputedly causes the body to burn fat while resting. Another of its major selling points is the inclusion of Bioperine, and extract from the black pepper plant that allows more of the supplement's nutrients to be absorbed more easily.

I was initially dismayed by the size of the Thermobol capsules. They are roughly twice the size of other fat burners, and you'd be forgiven for thinking they are, in fact, suppositories! In spite of the intimidating size these capsules are fairly easy to swallow and have no particular after taste as far as I could tell, but in the minutes after consumption I did experience a faint and uncomfortable burning sensation in my chest. In the traditional manner, I took one full course of this Maximuscle offering. The results were pleasing, and the side effects eg mood swings or indigestion, that are common with fat burning supplements were mild.

Without altering my diet or exercise regime, I lost roughly 0.7% body fat and I suspect I may have lost more if I'd continued the full Maximuscle Thermobol course. Despite those positives, I wasn't completely happy with my experience of this product. Overpricing (common when dealing with Maximuscle products) is an issue, and I never truly felt like I was taking a high strength supplement.

Another problem was a decrease in mental agility, although when taking caffeine type supplements this is always a small risk anyhow. The principle of Thermobol is quite simple. It's designed to kick start your metabolism and keep it running at a higher level than normal. This means that its thermogenic properties help you to naturally burn fat throughout the day as you go about your normal day to day life.

Overall, Maximuscle have done a decent job of producing an effective supplement in the form of Thermobol. However, when compared with the truly epic MX LS7, the Maximuscle Thermobol Review has shown it is often found wanting. I'd suggest this supplement if you fancy a slightly milder experience, but otherwise you should spend your money elsewhere, try reading the Isatori MX LS7 Review.